The NIH-funded Genetics Training Program and U of U Genetics Interest Group co-sponsor three types of talks throughout the year. These events bring together the entire U of U Genetics community.

– Speakers from institutions around the world present a GTP-sponsored formal research seminar focused on their work in the field of Genetics. These outstanding scientists are selected, invited, and hosted by Trainees with the purpose of stimulating our community with discussion of cutting edge research in a wide variety of aspects of genetics. The research seminars are usually held on Monday afternoons in the Eccles Auditorium, EIHG.

– U of U Faculty give talks on emerging or historically important concepts in Genetics. Faculty “GIG talks” are ‘classes to peers’, meant to teach all members of the U Genetics community about evolving areas of research or ideas in genetics, new experimental approaches, history of concepts, or challenges ahead.¬†Faculty GIG talks are held in an informal forum, usually on Monday afternoons in the Kjeldsberg Conference Room (EEJ-MRB), accompanied by interruptions, raucous discussion, beverages, and pizza.

– At the Annual Retreat Symposium, trainees present their research interests and accomplishments. A world-renowned leader in the field of Genetics, chosen based on work in an area that is especially innovative or that touches on a broad array of genetic interests, attends the Annual Retreat to challenge us, stimulate discussion of Trainees’ projects, and present a seminar. Other members of the U of U Genetics community attend, present posters, and participate in discussions.